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[Featured Paper] Bypassing PHP IDS

PHP IDS Bypass via Vulnerable Regular Expression: Lesson Learnt: It has been clear that applications whose inputs are processed from loosely defined regular expression fail to achieve their primary intended workflow.  We've seen code execution vulnerabilities in  applications (e107, AEF) that derive from flawed regular expressions.

[Featured Tool] XSSF: Cross Site Scripting Framework The Cross-Site Scripting Framework ( XSSF ) is a security tool designed to turn the XSS vulnerability exploitation task into a much easier work. The XSSF project aims to demonstrate the real dangers of XSS vulnerabilities, vulgarizing their exploitation. XSSF allows creating a communication channel with the targeted browser (from a XSS vulnerability) in order to perform further attacks. Users are free to select existing modules (a module = an attack) in order to target specific browsers. XSSF provides a powerfull documented API, which facilitates development of modules and attacks. In addition, its integration into the Metasploit Framework allows users to launch MSF browser based exploit easilly from an XSS vulnerability. In addition, an interesting though exploiting an XSS inside a victim's browser could be to browse website on attacker's browser, using the connected victim's session. In most of cases, simpl