It took 11.2th version for Adobe Flash Player

It took 11.2th version for Adobe Flash Player to implment secure automatic update to prevent users from being exploited.

All previous versions

All previous versions of the Updater program asked user to manually install the update, which did not always guarantee the update would actually be installed. It even had "Don't remind me" feature to users. These reasons may indicate the reason Flash exploits  have been top successful exploits among black undergrounds.


Past Flash Exploits

IDDisc DateTitle
807072012-03-28Adobe Flash Player / AIR NetStream Class Unspecified Memory Corruption
807062012-03-28Adobe Flash Player / AIR Unspecified ActiveX Control URL Security Domain Checking Memory Corruption
798172012-03-05Adobe Flash Player Matrix3D Unspecified Memory Corruption
798182012-03-05Adobe Flash Player Unspecified Integer Errors Information Disclosure
793002012-02-15Adobe Flash Player Unspecified Remote Memory Corruption
792962012-02-15Adobe Flash Player Unspecified XSS


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