Scanners are scanners

When scanning the XSS-Game site with various XSS scanners, I found most scanners are similiar in missing XSS in the following pages. Apparently, no scanners can detect all XSSes. Scanners are limited to their developers' skills and experience in security testing.

This post might be of help to scanner developers to improve their scan engines or let them alone for the human analysis part.

solution: javascript:alert(/XSS/)

Some real-world applications parse our GET/POST requests and put them
in the links. It's likely that Scanner XYZ thinks javascript:alert(/XSS/) which is not its own submitted payload.


This is a double-encoding XSS but it's likely that Scanner XYZ
focused only on non-vulnerable parameter 'foo' and missed vulnerable
parameter 'secret'. I know from experience Scanner XYZ can detect
double-encoding XSS.

This one might be trickier for scanner. But Scanner XYZ can be made to think
like 'human' when it sees generic error messages.

Notice: Undefined index: input in /var/www/xss/xss8.html on line 7

Or at least, Scanner XYZ can report 'generic' application error messages. I
think application error message detection is not currently available
in Scanner XYZ.

solution: x-forwarded-for: "><script>alert(0)</script>

This shows that Scanner XYZ is likely to fuzz possible http headers that are
returned only from  the server. Scanner XYZ forgot to fuzz arbitrary headers
that are potentially processed by servers.

solution: back=javascript:alert(0)

This is a common XSS-able scenario in today's web applications.
Whenever users have done something, they're redirected to the location
that may be history - 1 or arbitrary location put in hidden input tag.

Scanner XYZ can easily be made to check if  the redirection header 301/302
location points to XSS-able uri (javascript:, data:) or any arbitrary
uri (jar: , mailto:, ftp:...etc).  Scanner XYZ can also report this as open

Referer: javascript:alert(0)

This shows that Scanner XYZ is likely to fuzz http headers that are returned
only from the server.

I wish Scanner XYZ consider generic hidden parameters like Referer,
X-Forwarded-For in finding flaws.


- Base64-encoded XSS.  It would be better if this check is added to
Scanner XYZScanner.


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